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Level Up Tribes

Apr 26, 2019

In this episode, Dr. Cristy Lopez, psychologist, coach, and founder of My Anxiety Fix Program, joins the show to talk about anxiety, the different types of anxiety disorders, tools that could be used to ease anxiety attacks and all about her My Anxiety Fix Program.

For the past 20+ years Dr. Lopez has helped thousands of people to permanently reduce anxiety and stress in 10 minutes or less without years of therapy or medication.

She has appeared on the Dr. Phil show and serves as a treating psychologist for guests on the show. Similarly, she served this role for Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers. Dr. Lopez also was featured on the reality TV series Downsized as the marriage therapist. She is a cited and guest expert for media such as Forbes, the List, as well as podcasts such as the Growth to Freedom show and Smashing the Plateau.

To learn more about Dr. Cristy Lopez and her My Anxiety Fix Program go to:

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