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Level Up Tribes

Feb 7, 2020

Dr. Nicole Coyle is the Founder and Director of NAAM Yoga Arizona located in Mesa, Arizona.

Dr. Coyle is a devoted, long-time student of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, Founder of NAAM Yoga, Universal Kabbalah, and Harmonyum Healing System. Dr. Coyle has been teaching Divine Spiritual Wisdom, yoga, and meditation for 25 years and believes that through the Divine Spiritual Wisdom and vibration of NAAM Yoga, one learns how to activate the self-healing mechanism of one’s self, creating permanent healing.

The mission of NAAM Arizona is to empower people to improve their lives, heal themselves, and support them in the process of balancing the Mind-Body-Spirit connection through

the power of community, a variety of classes, a healing clinic, workshops and events, many of which are available at an affordable, low cost.


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