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Level Up Tribes

Feb 14, 2020

Today's special guest at Level Up Tribes Podcast is Thomas Keller, Author of The MIRROR: Three easy steps to free yourself from fear, anger, and anxiety. And that's just the beginning!
When I reached out to Thomas, it was to discuss his beautiful art sculptures and paintings. You can take a peek at
It was through our communication that I learned about his latest book the Mirror. Talk about a beautiful surprise!!! 
We also learned a few things we have in common and how our lives had once crossed paths.
The Mirror was insightful in so many ways. Thomas is transparent about his journey to finding purpose, self-discovery to heal and release the things that no longer served him. 
It is an amazing book that will inspire you, transform you, and help you take the leap and own your truth.
I can’t wait until you meet this amazing human who has a lot to give to each and every one of us.
Check out the book trailer here: