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Level Up Tribes

Jun 19, 2020

Today I have the pleasure to have a heart-to-heart with Jenny Bilskie-Smith, Founder of 5 Tools with Jenny. Jenny spent 20 years advocating as a social worker with a focus primarily involving child welfare. Her resilience and grit is what I love most about her story as she found a way to take the leap of faith to live and work in a way that fully aligns with her values and purpose.  

Jenny has a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Health as well as a Master’s degree in Social Work and in addition to her studies has taught yoga, mindfulness, and other modalities for holistic health.

The 5 Tools With Jenny integrate mindfulness, creativity, wellness, book reviews, and financial independence. These 5 themes are threaded together by compassion and spirituality and through these applications, greater well-being, wisdom, and freedom can be established.

Now find a comfortable space and join Jenny and I as we dive into taking the leap to financial freedom.

To connect with Jenny visit