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Level Up Tribes

Jun 26, 2020

Paula Williams Henderson is dedicated to helping women walk into their next season of life empowered, self-confident, full of energy, healthy (spiritually, emotionally and physically) while looking FABulous! A breast cancer survivor, Paula wants to work with women who like her are now cancer-free and adjusting to a new normal and living daily as a Survivor. 

In this episode, Paula and I discuss:

· How she peeled the emotional layers by connecting more with God and deepened her trust and along the journey, found her purpose.

· Keep from bouncing back and forth on your nutrition and fitness lifestyle by making Spiritual Fitness one of your life’s foundations.

·  Where your mind goes, our body will follow, staying consistent by creating a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

· How she began resetting her life, spending dedicated devotional time in strategic and intentional prayer, refocusing God’s intentions for her life.