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Level Up Tribes

Oct 2, 2020

Discussion topics:

What is conscious parenting?
Are you imposing your unfulfilled desires onto your children?
What is your child showing you about yourself that you’ve been blind to?
How to move from frustration to freedom in parenting.

About Sandra Jones-Keller:
Sandra Jones-Keller is an Intuitive Pregnancy Coach/Spiritual Energy Healer and graduate of the University of Southern California. She is a wife, homeschool mom, visionary, conscious entrepreneur and author, with a vast and varied background. Drawing on real-life experiences from the perpetual balance of family, career and quality of life, Sandra is currently the author of three books: Intuitive Communication With Your Baby’s Soul, 21 Lessons To Empower The New Age Kid and How I Beat Fibroid Tumors for a Successful Pregnancy Over 40. She meets with private clients whenever possible.

About Thomas Keller:
Thomas Keller is a “truth seeker”, traveling the world studying the ancient cultures of the Egyptians, Incans, Kenyans, Mayans, Olmecs, and Americans to discover the Universal Laws that govern our lives and how to set ourselves free! By applying these deep truths, he transformed his life from wandering loner to a loving husband, adoring father, successful artist, and now an author. He has studied many disciplines including spending 12 years in an Egyptian Mystery School. Thomas has delivered in his book The MIRROR, a clear-cut solution to empower and free you in this time of school/mass shootings, racial and political discord, a global pandemic and high levels of stress. 

Thomas and Sandra have been married for 13 years and have a teenage daughter together. and