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Level Up Tribes

Nov 21, 2020

Saint Spicer, a.k.a. the space cowgirl, is a next-generation hip-hop fusion artist who doesn’t say “the sky’s the limit”—because why stop there? She’s a freethinking, gun-toting, trilingual black visionary from Texas with an aggressive appetite for innovation. At the heart of her debut album, space cowgirl, is a spirit of solo exploration aimed at the stars and beyond, fueled by the magnificent cosmos. for saint, life is a mission of self-creation—and there are no limits.
Forever inspired by innovative female icons Nina Simone, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga, Saint combines funk and soul with silky vocals and brutally honest lyrics. She draws diverse musical themes and styles from the creative wellspring that cuts across time, space, and genre.
Having spent her childhood moving from place to place, saint hopes her music will encourage other intrepid explorers to reach new heights by trusting their gut instincts. Together, we can build a future where creative people around the world—performers, producers, poets, painters, composers, filmmakers, inventors and futurists—uplift and lead each other with the universal language of creative expression.
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