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Level Up Tribes

Nov 27, 2020

Join Jim and I as we discuss his latest book "Expand the Power of Your Subconscious Mind". 
"You don’t get what you want in life— you get what you expected unless what you want and what you expect are the same. Your self-concept is created by your self-talk and your self-concept determines your performance in any area of your life." C James Jensen
C. James "Jim" Jensen began his career as a salesman with Encyclopedia Britannica in his senior year of college. Within seven years he had become International Sales Manager in charge of worldwide sales. At the age of 28, he became Senior Vice President and CEO of Great Books of the Western World, a division of Encyclopedia Britannica. In this same year (1969) Jim and his wife, Jeri, attended a 4-day seminar that would have an incredible impact on their lives forever. As is written in the Introduction, Jim became both a voracious student and, ultimately, teacher of many of the principles written in his book, Expand the Power of Your Subconscious Mind. 
Today, Jim provides executive coaching, consulting, and advisory services to emerging growth and mid-sized companies. He is an active member of the World Presidents’ Organization, serves as a life director for the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and is a member of the board of directors as well as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the board of Aspen Group, Inc. 
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