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Level Up Tribes

Apr 16, 2021

Kevin Veal is the founder of Work Through Your Frustrations (WTF Foundation). Kevin's childhood dream was to grow up and play in the National Football League, however, not knowing the level of discipline and work ethic required to accomplish that dream resulted in it not becoming a reality. Kevin did participate in the Washington Redskins' rookie camp but that experience was short lived and afterwards led to the hardest transition of his life which was figuring out the difference between passion and purpose, which consequently he discovered in prison. 

While in prison, Kevin reflected on his lessons from football and his personal life, and through this reflection the idea of the Work Through Frustrations (WTF) Playbook was created, complete with strategies to help you identify your triggers while also obtaining coping skills that are essential to living a mentally and spiritually free life. The playbook also teaches you how to manage your frustrations, turn any negative into a positive, and how to bridge the gap between your present situation and your desired goal. 

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