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Level Up Tribes

Apr 23, 2022

EP 74 EP 74 Using the Healing Power of Flowers to Awaken Your True Potential with Flower Alchemist Katie Hess of 
Katie Hess is the author of Flowerevolution, host of The Flowerlounge, and founder of LotusWei, a personalized flower botanicals and elixirs.  Katie's methodologies lean on plant bioenergetics, unlocking short-term results such as immediate mood shifts and long-term results like potent spiritual growth. In short, flower essences offer healing, vitality, and clarity. LotusWei was featured on O, Oprah Magazine, New York Times and LA Times. 
Katie's mission is to expose 3% of the earth's population to the powerful properties of flowers, helping what's innately amazing in our bodies to flourish.  Katie approaches wellness as a practice of amplifying what's beautiful while discovering safe, effective, long-lasting ways to shift what desires to bloom.  She'd love to share her experience merging flower remedies and TCM for balanced hormones, better sleep, and deeper personal development.  
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