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Level Up Tribes

Jul 24, 2020

Pamela Aloia is an energy healer and author, who has focused the last 20 years on individual and collective energy healing. In 2003, she started Sol Angel, an energy center, and continues to provide insight and instruction for people to expand their consciousness, encourage and support self-discovery, and create enhanced life experiences.
Pamela has written numerous articles in health and wellness, both online and in print, and the books, 52 Pick Me UpRescuer Mindset, and Nurturing Healthy Change. She is attuned in a variety of energetic healing techniques, is a certified Grief Coach, a life-long martial arts practitioner, and a 25-year veteran in the corporate world. With this diverse background, Pamela combines practical and heartful aspects to provide awareness, vision, and support for others to live soul-filled lives.
About the book: The Daily Cloak offers a unique, easy-to-apply array of spiritual essentials for creating a serene tapestry of clarity and protection for everyday living. The informative framework, proposed methods, and sample applications explored construct a solid foundation on which to build or enhance daily energetic practices and awareness.
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