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Level Up Tribes

Jul 22, 2022

It’s not often you meet a financial advisor who is also an accomplished cheesemaker, yogi, local hero, and wonder woman. But those are just many reasons why WH Cornerstone is not like every other financial service business.
As WH Cornerstone’s co-founder, Paula Harris is part financial advisor and part dream...

Jul 16, 2022

Jenny coaches people to wellness as a Certified Intuitive Eating Coach. She received her Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor Certificate in 2020 and has additional training on eating disorders and best practices for evaluating and intervening on disordered eating. Jenny is also working on a book that explores...

Jul 8, 2022

EP 77 with D. Neil Elliott, author of the "Higher Road" 7-Steps to Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, and Prosperity. 
In this episode, Neil outlines how you can achieve your life’s purpose, heal your body, mind, and draw happiness into your life. The unique tools and strategies he offers will help you attain peace,...