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Level Up Tribes

May 14, 2021

Dr. Pearlette J. Ramos is a motivational leader, lawyer, writer, and travel influencer. She guides transformational journeys around the world, facilitates women’s empowerment workshops, and coaches others towards living life with passion and purpose from a place of authenticity.  

Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, Dr. Ramos overcame significant obstacles including poverty, abuse, teenage motherhood, and dropping out of high school, to become a respected lawyer and world traveler. Pearlette has visited more than 60 countries and each of the seven continents. 

Recently, she published her first book, The Travel Coach and Journal, which explores the transformative power of travel and encourages readers to stretch, learn and grow through engaging the world.  

Through her coaching, travel adventures, retreats, and relevant, engaging workshops, Dr. Pearlette J. Ramos will help you reset your priorities, reconnect to the world, and rediscover YOURSELF!